Tutorial: Add New Users to your WordPress Site

This is a brief tutorial on how to add new users to your WordPress site and assign roles to your team or employees.

1. Go to the Add New User Screen

At the top of your Dashboard you will see a navigation bar with Dashboard, Posts, Media, ect. Drag your cursor to the right until you are hovering over users. A drop down box will appear, click on Add New.

2. Enter New User Information

You should have accessed your add new user screen. This screen presents seven text fields. You will need to create a username and password and fill in the email address. You can fill out the other text fields, but they are not required.  width=

3. Check the Send Password Box

We highly recommend checking the “send this password to the new user by email” box.

4. Assign Role to User

WordPress has set up 5 roles that you can assign and each one has a certain level of capabilities. The Administrator is has the ability to perform all capabilities. Each of the other roles has a fewer capabilities. Here is a quick overview of each role’s capabilities:

  • Administrator: Access to all the administration features; can change themes, add new users, write and publish blogs and pages
  • Editor: Publish and manage posts, pages, and those of other users
  • Author: Publish and manage posts their own posts
  • Contributor: Write and manage posts, but not publish them
  • Subscriber: Only manage their profile and read posts
  • Select which role will be appropriate for the user you are adding by using the dropdown box and clicking the one you have chosen.


    5. Add New User

    After you have entered the New User information and selected a role, click the Add User button. You will be greeted with a confirmation page that looks similar to the one below. You can see a list of all of the users by clicking on the Back to All Users link.


    You can also access this screen the same way you accessed the Add New Users screen by simply clicking Users instead of Add New. Once on this screen, you can add new users by clicking on the small button named Add New located near the Users page title.


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