Tutorial: WordPress 3.1 New Features

WordPress 3.1 is finally here! The new version, released on Wednesday (2/23), has the WordPress community overjoyed with all of the new developments and additions.

Version 3.1, named “Reinhardt”, features post formats, internal linking, and an admin bar that can bring you to your frequently used dashboard pages faster! In this tutorial, I will explain each of these features. There are also a bunch of new features for developers, too!

Post Formats

Post formats allow the user to custom style a specific post. By utilizing this feature, the user can choose which format they want their post to be displayed in. Users can choose to assign a post as a link, video, status, audio, gallery, etc. and it will style the post accordingly.


Internal Linking

This new feature makes it easier for users to locate existing content and link back to it from a new post or page. In previous versions of WordPress, users would have to open a new tab in their browser, copy the url, and then paste. In order for this feature to appear, the user must be in the Visual Editor. To link to existing content, type a page or topic into the search box and then select the appropriate link.


Admin Bar

The new admin bar allows the user to access to the most used dashboard tools and features from the front-end. The bar defaults to five options, The User, Edit Category, Add New, Comments, and Appearance. Under User(your name) one can access their profile, dashboard, and log out. Under Add New the user has the option to add new pages, posts, and slides. Appearance allows users to manage widgets and menus. The admin bar also links to Edit Category and Comments.


No worries, if you are not a fan of the new admin bar, it can be disabled on the dashboard’s Users panel. Just simply un-check the “when viewing site” box.


Download Now

If you already use WordPress, you can get the upgrade from your dashboard.

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