Diary of a Tiki-tern: Ashley Hoffbeck – Week 10

Week 10

This past week I spent most of my time researching blogging topics and spending time learning more about the ins and outs of  social media.  I researched topics such as Facebook vs Twitter, different aspects of Facebook itself, and important elements of design. I learned a lot about Facebook in particular, and different ways businesses can utilize it to the best of their abilities.  I apologize ahead of time for the short post.  It will mostly be my opinion of why its important to blog and research, but I don’t want to give too much away!

With the rise of social media, many businesses don’t know exactly what they are getting in to and that’s why I felt it is important to address different topics within social media, specifically Facebook and Twitter.  Of course, everyone is entitled to their opinions about how best to use social media, especially since it is not an exact science.  The rapid  growth of technology amazes me, because it always causes constant change in the social media world, and even the marketing world in general.  Besides social media, I also feel it is important to stay updated on new and/or popular marketing trends.  In my opinion, businesses not only grow from implementing new trends, but if they are educated about them, they are able to serve a resource for people who are interested in learning more about those topics.  It also makes a company seem more reliable, relevant, and knowledgeable.

Blogging is something new to me and so far I’ve enjoyed it.  I plan on learning more about it and I will continue to blog on a regular basis, maybe even have my own blog someday.  Research on the other hand is something I’ve been doing for a while and although it can get frustrating, its crucial to getting where you want to go.

Until next time… :D


Week 9: Snapshot

  • 5 things I learned
    • More about Facebook analytics and where they come from
    • Reviewed design subject: whitespace and how to use it
    • How to use Facebook Questions
    • How to add RSS feed of our blogs to Facebook
    • Used Facebook Question to find out why people use Facebook…most use it for several reasons with the number one reason being “To keep in touch with friends far away”
  • Projects
    • Researching and drafting blog topics in the world of marketing, media, and design
  • Memorable Moments
    • Listening to Matt rant about Leprechauns

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