Diary of a Tiki-tern: Ashley Hoffbeck – Week 11

Week 11

This week was a busy week for me.  I had a few interviews, so my time in the office was shortened a bit.  One of the interviews was NOT for a job, which I am excited to share more about later.  Most of my time was spent doing research, which can be addicting believe it or not!!!  This week we also had a meeting with Kay Roseland and discussed blogging and the future of Digital Tiki.  I also had some assignments for school I was able to talk about with Lauren and even started my business card.

My week began by researching various subjects, not only for blogging purposes, but also for my own benefit.  In school, I was told I was good at Marketing Research and that I should look into it.  Personally, once I start doing research, it is hard to stop.  There are so many interesting things marketers can learn about their target audiences.  Psycho-graphics are extremely important and very interesting to me!  Although it is addicting, it can get frustrating at times, especially when you cannot find exactly what you want!  I have definitely experienced that frustration this week, and pretty much every time I conduct secondary research.  This is why primary research is so important, when an answer you are looking for cannot be found in secondary research, but I will leave that up to the bigger research companies for now!

In the meeting with Kay, we discussed the importance of blogging, as well as assigning roles and discussing a to do list for Digital Tiki’s website launch date.   In the meeting, Kay shared some tips  about the basics of blogging.  For example, like that any other piece of writing it needs a beginning, middle, and an end, and should include references when possible.  The blog needs to be understandable, yet entertaining, with a “zippy” title that sets the tone and attracts readers.  Another interesting point Kay made, was that by dropping brand names through out the blog, you can accumulate readers.  Some of this seems like common sense but many people really don’t know how to blog, especially when its for a company and not just for themselves.

In the middle of the week, I interviewed Ryan Stanzel, Media Relations Coordinator for the Minnesota Wild, as it is a requirement for my internship class.  Last week, I had interview a few members of the Marketing department for the Minnesota Twins, also an assignment.  The goal of these interviews was to learn more about the field I want to get in to.  Sports Marketing is currently my passion and the career I am striving to be a part of.  Both these interviews inspired me and helped give me some direction on where to start if I want to succeed.  It was awesome being able to pick the minds of these Sports Marketing Professionals, and I learned a lot about how they do their jobs, even during a losing streak or off-season.  General advice I received on where to start…an internship.  Every professional I talked to said an internship is the best way to start your career.  It can be hard to get an internship, because the world of Sports Marketing is very competitive, so if that’s not possible, VP of Marketing for the Minnesota Twins, Patrick Klinger, recommended starting small and working your way up.  Do anything to get your foot in the door, even if you start in the concessions.  I hope this advice helps anyone else looking to get in to Sports Marketing as well.

As the week came to a close, I began focusing more on the rest of my internship requirements for graduation, as well as learning some basics of putting together a Client Site Report.  My supervisor, Lauren Freeland, was very helpful and has been giving me advice on my resume and even allowing me time to work on my business card.  I have felt and still feel very supported by the team here at Digital Tiki.  I will be graduating in less than a month now, and they are doing everything they can to help me succeed, not only at this internship or school, but in job hunting as well.

Well that about sums up my week.  Until next time… :D

Week 11: Snapshot
  • 5 things I learned
    • Blogging basics
    • Why hash tags are useful
    • What a bounce rate is: when visitors go to one web page and then leave the site
    • 9 out of 10 marketers use social media
    • How to structure a monthly website report for a client
  • Projects
    • Research and editing blogs
    • Started my business card, other internship homework
  • Memorable Moments
    • Breaks to enjoy the beautiful Minnesota weather



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