Diary of a Tiki-tern: Ashley Hoffbeck – Week 12

Week 12

This past week has been a pretty good week.  I worked on a variety of different  things, which I always enjoy!  I started working on my business card (a requirement for school), did a lot with blogging, and helped work on a client’s website.  I also did some research and created icons for a plug-in.

Because my graduation is coming up fast, I have a lot of homework to do in order to get credit for my internship.  Since it’s the last assignment, it is a big one.  Part of the assignment is to create a business card.  Since I don’t have Photoshop on my computer at home, my supervisor said I could work on it here and she even helped me come up with some ideas for it.  I thought making a business card would be simple, but when you are as indecisive as I am, nothing is simple.  Lauren, my supervisor, stressed the importance of the design of the business card in regards to who my audience is and what I want to do.  Sports Marketing is my desire, but Event Planning and Marketing in general are also interesting fields to me.  If the job market is lacking I may even have to do something else for a career.  That being said, the design has to be simple enough to not turn someone off.  So far, I’ve been struggling with finding the perfect font and I am trying to create a logo with my initials, but have yet to be completely satisfied.  Did I mention I am a perfectionist too?

Thankfully, I had other projects come along to take away the possible frustration that would onset from my indecisiveness.  Tuesday, Kay came in to help me with other blogs I had written.  She has her own blog, which she has been very successful with and I trust that she knows what she is doing.  She gave me lots of advice about how to set up my blog.  She stressed that it needs to be visually appealing and short and sweet.  This can be done by using bullets, a matrix, photos, short paragraphs, and bolding important words/phrases.  List, subheads, and/or Q&A format also work well.  The other important point she reiterated was about the headline.  Like in advertising, the headline needs to catch peoples attention and spark enough interest so that they want to take the time to read.  She gave me lots of good advice and I was able to edit and post a blog later that day.

Wednesday was a fun, yet busy day.  Right away, Lauren had something for me to work on for a client’s website.  I spent most the day on Photoshop, editing photos and creating additional photos for the homepage slider.  I also had to manually copy and paste 76 links to our clients vendors to their site.  I was surprised my hand didn’t kill me by the end of it.  I was very happy to be busy though.  Editing and designing is a lot of fun for me, so  I didn’t have trouble with this project.

Thursday, I was assigned to create icons for a Plug-in, in the same style Digital Tiki has on our website.  After spending a little time doing that, the rest of the day I spent researching the history of blogging and finding a color palette for our newest client.  I also began drafting a blog on how blogging started.

Overall, I had a great and busy week.  Until next time… :D

Week 12: Snapshot 

  • 5 things I learned
    • What a widget is
    • How to format a blog
    • The history of blogging
    • How to create a business card
    • Hosting a site is cheap
  • Projects
    • Business Card
    • Quality Refrigeration Website
    • Blogs
    • Icons for MagicAdmin
  • Memorable Moments
    • Watching various Single Ladies skits

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