New Facebook Application: Questions

NEW! Facebook QuestionsWant More Interaction with your Facebook Fans?  Try the New Facebook App Questions

Facebook is constantly updating and now has added a new feature to Facebook called Questions.

What is it?

This is a new default application that cannot be removed from Profiles.  It is a new Poll-like feature that allows users to ask any question and quickly get short answers from people they trust.  Users can simply ask an open-ended question or add options to create a poll.  It can be used to learn more about your friends, see where people stand on certain issues, get advice, and share information.  It can be used for a specific purpose, perhaps a research paper, or just for fun.

How Does it Work?

This new feature is designed so that anyone on Facebook can view and answer it.  Once the question is posted, it will appear in the News Feed of the user’s friends/fans, and if they choose to answer or follow that question, it is then shared with their friends, and so on and so forth.  Users will be able to see their friends answers first, but can view others answers as well.  They will also be able to view any question activity and the questions of others by clicking the Questions tab on the left side of their profile.  Users can also follow a question to receive notifications about any answers.  This feature has automatically been added to Facebook Profiles, but can be added to or removed from a Facebook Page.

How Does a Business Benefit from Questions?

This new addition to Facebook is similar to the application Polls.  It can be very useful to businesses because they can now encourage easy interaction.  A company could take advantage of the Questions option to learn more about their customers.  They could create a poll regarding their products/service, what media their customers prefer, or even what their customers think of their business.  Providing options makes it easy for a quick response, but the application also allows a fan to create their own answer.  I would suggest that businesses add and utilize this application, and keep track of how effective it is and whether or not it helps the company grow.

Any Questions or Comments?

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